Hotel Living

So do you remember in the original 90210 when Dillon lived in the hotel and it was totally cool and we all wished we lived in a hotel, too? Well I do now and it’s lame. Now, I realize I might be a little “snooty” as Wes says, but I’m sorry if I don’t enjoy a room that smells like stinky feet and all of my belongings being a little damp. If Wes asks me one more time where I want to eat, I will flick him in the Adam’s apple. Having a food intolerance and not being able to actually cook your own meals for weeks on end is just plain obnoxious. I am completely over french fries and hotel coffee is NOT okay.

But enough complaining, my family is together again! I have had so much fun watching my kids have fun this week. We are getting a much needed break from the everyday routine and Wes has only had to go to work for an hour or two each day so we’ve done everything together.

Sadly I realized today that I haven’t taken one single picture with my real camera this week! But we’ve been busy!

Monday we just kinda hung out while Wes did work all day. We went to a park on base, then checked into the hotel we are staying at now. I took the kids to the pool and then we hung out in the room and watched TV till Wes was done. On Tuesday the kids and I met up with Jaime and the girls at the Myriad Botanical Gardens and played in the splash pad and playground for the morning, then Wes took the kids to the pool while I got some alone time. Wednesday we went to the Science Museum Oklahoma and it was super fun! We would get a membership if we were living here. The kids loved the planetarium. Grace rubbed her hands together and whispered, “I’m so excited” when the lights went down. They did a great job talking about space at a kid’s level. On Thursday we had another playdate with Jaime at her house, then Wes took the kids to the pool (can you see the theme here?). We also hit up the Bricktown Candy Store and bought way to much candy, then we walked around Bricktown for a bit. On Friday we played at the park again, went to Sonic and took the kids to see Madagascar 3. Hearing them giggle and laugh is so priceless. It makes me so happy!

Today we were supposed to go to Fronier City and play all day, but Sam got mysteriously sick and we had to turn around as soon as we got there. We’ll try again tomorrow, but for now we are watching Nickolodeon and making hotel reservations for next week.

Who knows, maybe I’ll take some pictures.

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