About Me

Day10I grew up in Nebraska under Midwest thunderstorms, at the crossroads of city and cornfield. Perhaps that explains my deep love for both wide open spaces and bustling city streets.

I married my high school sweetheart and we quickly added three more to our family in our first home in Nebraska. And then, a few months after number three came along, my husband joined the military. It was hard, almost terrifying to put so much distance between myself and my family. I was never the kid who wanted to leave our home town (except for a short-lived dream of attending culinary school in NYC). But we took the leap and have since, quite literally, traveled the country together. We’ve lived on the beach, in the mountains, and now find ourselves back in the center. I haven’t been able to figure out if Oklahoma is actually part of the Midwest, but we have heart-stopping thunderstorms, blistering summer heat, and farms just down the street, so it’s starting to feel like home. For now anyway.

I have always been a lover of words and overlooked beauty and that’s what I try to share here. Quiet nature takes my breath away. Warm morning hugs from my people soothe my soul. Dramatic sunrises and the tiniest flowers scream proof of our Creator deep into my bones. Our dogs add so much laughter to our days. And in everything I believe we can find beauty if we would just open our eyes to it.

So welcome to the world through my eyes.


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