Book Shelf


I love everything about books: the way they smell, the weight of one in my purse; the feel of the paper under my fingertips; the sound of a turning page; and the magic of containing an entire story, world, or life between those two covers. The smell of libraries, the sight of beautiful books all lined up on bookstore shelves. . . there really is nothing better.

One time my husband took me to a lovely bookstore that has rolling LADDERS you can climb to reach books on higher shelves and, just like in the movie Sweet Home Alabama, said, “Pick one.”

I’ve never loved him more.

Here you’ll find my book reviews and lists of books I’ve read. What you won’t find are standard high school English class reviews. I’m not going to pick a book to death over symbolism. I barely made it out of 11th grade English with my book-love intact.

You can find me on GoodReads here. And if you aren’t on GoodReads, you should be!

Happy reading, fellow book lovers!

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