Thrill Rides

After a trip to Frontier City here in Oklahoma City, we know two things.
But wait, I’m getting ahead of myself. The day started like this:

Sam ate a few bites of muffin for breakfast and thought he was going to throw up again (really he was just coughing) so Ben sat in the bathroom with him. It should aslo be noted that housekeeping was making the bed while I stopped to take pictures of my potentially pukey kid. Oh, well.

Sam was feeling a lot better around lunch time, good enough to get sassy and wrestle with Wes so we decided to chance it and headed to the amusement park. Everyone gets nauseous at amusement parks anyway, right? The kids were so excited to go on all the roller coasters, but it turned out that Ben was the only one tall enough to ride them alone. We tried to prepare them for this and they smaller two promised not to throw fits, but the first ride provided us with a glimpse of how the rest of the day would go: tears, stomping, high-pitched whiny voices. We soldiered on, though, through the nasty 96 degree heat and gross, why-are-there-so-many-people-here crowds and after a few rides we headed towards the water park.

Now the term “water park” is an exageration by far. It’s actually a few water slides with some spishy splashy fountains around the bottom, but the kids, I mean boys, had fun!

There was the opportunity for potential face-splashing all over the place so Grace was not too excited about any of this.

So, back to the things we learned on this adventure.

 First, Grace is like me in that she gets over-the-top excited about roller coasters and such and then actually hates them with every fiber of her being. We all went on the Log Flume, which has a major drop at the end of it, and just like me, Grace was so excited to get on it. I don’t know, maybe it was the heat, maybe it was the idea of being in a log. Whatever it was, we were both deluded into thinking this would be a fun thing to do. It was nice and cool in the tunnel, but as soon as we started our ascent to the top of that stomach wrenching drop we both started getting ansty. I even entertained the idea (as I always do) of jumping ship at the top and walking back, but I hung in there. Even though with every click of that track I thought we were surely plummeting to our deaths. So now I know that I have a partner when we go to these kinds of places. Wes gets to do the thrill rides with the boys (who both absolutely loved all those rides) and I get to eat and play games with Grace.

The second thing I learned is that Wes is seriously immature. Apparently, a little girl shot water at him with one of the water guns at the water park and he told me he took note of the swimsuit and the next time he saw her he grabbed a gun and sprayed her as hard as he could. Seriously, Wes, it was a little girl! I can just hear the thoughts going through his head, “You better watch your back, little girl!” or “You think you can shoot me? Well how do you like this?!”

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