Ultimate Road Trip 2012

Ultimate Road Trip Day 1- Bellevue, NE to Oklahoma City, OK

We made our way down to Oklahoma City today. Our original plan was to go west to Wyoming, but Wes got delayed so we are spending the week in OKC with him while he finishes up this TDY. It wasn’t exactly what we were expecting and Wes and I were pretty upset about it, but if there’s anything Air Force life has taught us so far it is to expect the unexpected. At least we are together. That’s better then nothing. The kids are super excited that Daddy isn’t leaving them anytime soon and I’m excited to get back to being our little family, even if we are homeless at the moment.
Wes and I are so grateful to my parents for opening up their home to us for these last 6 months. We couldn’t ask for better family! Goodbyes are not fun, they are the worst part of this life, but we will see you again in Alaska. For now we are trying to readjust to being together. And it needs to happen quick if we are all going to be in the same hotel room and car for the next 3 weeks!
So anyway, today wasn’t very eventful. We packed up the car this morning and in the process we absent mindedly left the doors in the car open for a couple hours. You can guess what happened, right? We finally get everyone dressed and in and out of the bathroom and we go to start the car and it . . . doesn’t. . .start. No worries, my dad helped jump start us and we made it with no problems after that.
We have a soft top carrier on the top of the car and it worked great, except it ripped in one corner. Awesome. It’s supposed to make it all the way to Alaska! Hmmmmm. . .

Lunch in Topeka at Chipotle, an emergency potty break somewhere that just happened to have a Braum’s Ice Cream and then we arrived. For now we are staying in Wes’s tiny little room until tomorrow night when he gets kicked out and we go to a real hotel with a suite and a pool.

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