31 Days 2014

So there’s this challenge over at write31days.com and it’s as simple as it sounds. Write for 31 days. What do you write? Well, whatever you want, really. Pick a topic and write about it for all 31 days in October. You can link up with other bloggers doing the same challenge to get inspiration or learn more about things that interest you.

I love writing, but most of the time I don’t make time for it. I don’t intentionally thing about what I want to write down so it doesn’t get written. I signed up for the challenge to make myself take time and to get some accountability.

Pen and paper

It’s also making me learn new things about blogging and how to get things to work!

My topic is basically just letters. I’m writing letters to those I love. Expressing feelings, telling stories. Those kinds of things. Some will be serious, some will be silly.

Mostly this is for me. I’m going to completely lose myself in  enjoy reading other bloggers’ posts, but when it all comes down to it, this is for my own creativity and thought process. Getting better at something I love. So let’s see if I can figure out how to link all my posts to this page!

Day One:  Beginnings

Day Two: Dear Dad, I Bought a Milk Frother Today

Day Three: Make Beauty

Day Four: To Be a Man

Day Five: Happy Birthday, Little Brother

Day Six: Hey You!

Day Seven: The Truth About Children

Day Eight: Ten Years Later

Day Nine: Sister – Sister

Day Ten: Dreamed Up in His Heart

Day Eleven: I Understand Now, Mom

Day Twelve: Poem of Praise

Day Thirteen: The Dog

Day Fourteen: A Big Day

Day Sixteen (oops, missed day Fifteen!): To My Friends

Day Seventeen: To the Strangers Who Pick Out My Clothes

Day Eighteen: Break My Heart

Day Nineteen: Loving the Ones I Love

Day Twenty: On Fear

Day Twenty-One: Pre-Winter Pep Talk

Day Twenty-Three: Snow Capped Mountains

Day Twenty-Four: To Anyone Who Has Ever Hear the Words “Home Schooling”

Day Twenty-Five: Finding Rest

Day Twenty-Six: To My Family

Day Twenty-Seven: Dear Mondays

Day Twenty- Eight: Being Thankful

Day Twenty-Nine: To Childhood

Day Thirty: To My Home

Day Thirty-One: 31 Days Later

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