Write 31 Days 2015: Ordinary Grace

Hunting for Beauty and Grace in Ordinary Moments


I believe there are two ways to go through life: letting the days pass by, always waiting for the next best thing, or living in the moment, noticing the beautiful, ordinary blessings of life. I intentionally chose to live my life the second way. It’s so very easy to let the days pass. When I do this, I find myself stuck in ruts and, more often than not, in a bad woe-is-me mood.

On the other hand, when I lean into each moment and hunt for the beauty, love, and grace in my everyday life, I’m so much more grateful. Therefore, I’m much happier and content. I find even in the struggle and the hard days, there’s beauty. There’s grace. There’s love.


Write31 Days is a challenge every October to write and post every day.¬†This year, for 31 days, I’ve decided to intentionally seek out those moments of everyday grace and share them with you. Come back here every day to find the link to a new post. Join in and tell me what you’re grateful for today.

Happy reading!


Oct 1: Hunting for Beauty and Grace

Oct. 2: Enough

Oct. 3: Nourish

Oct. 4: Yikes! I missed it!

Oct. 5: Darn, not again!

Oct. 6: Quiet

Day 7: Grace

Day 8: Young Love

Day 9: Trust

Day 10: A Bye Week

Day 11 & 12: Nope. Family time this weekend.

Day 13: Home School

Day 14: Refuge

Day 15: Running

Day 16: Fall. . .Finally

Day 17: The Past

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