Thankful Thursdays {Vol 1}

Last year, on a whim, I decided to start a new tradition on the blog. I was having a rough time family-wise: my husband was out of state for work for months and it was dragging on far longer than we expected, we were in our second year of homeschooling and I was frustrated, and we were waiting, waiting, waiting to find out if we were moving the next summer or not.

I needed a way out of the gloom. I needed something to focus on besides all my yucky feelings. So I started making lists of things I was thankful for, no matter how small or unexpected, in a desperate attempt to turn things around. It’s funny how something as simple as writing down things that make you smile can change your whole outlook on a situation or even your life.

So Thursdays around here will be full of giving thanks. It’s kinda the theme of my whole blog, really. Keeping my eyes open and looking for the good instead of focusing on the bad or the frustrating or the annoying. I’ve lived that life and I don’t want it back. I don’t want to be the bitter, complaining girl who doesn’t realize how good she’s got it.

For the month of November, I’m being terribly original and posting a #DaysofThanks post of Facebook and Instagram along with a picture. This week I’m going to share those posts with all of you!

Disclaimer: All these pictures were taken with my phone, so they’re not especially awesome.

Day 1: We took a short road trip to the Ozark Mountains in Arkansas. Specifically to a tiny town called Calico Rock. We needed a quick getaway to someplace with a real “fall” feel, but we didn’t have much time. Coffee and road trips with my favorite people (and faithful dog)? Yes, please!


Day 2: We did some exploring on our vacation rental lands. The kids LOVE the outdoors, but, unfortunately, in hot, humid, mountain-less central Oklahoma, they don’t have much to explore. We found some stuff! Heart-shaped cacti, snails, lizards, caves, and cliffs. I don’t know what it is, but I just don’t enjoy my kids wandering next to huge drop-offs. I picture them slipping and falling to their deaths. Tell me I’m not the only one! Adventure in the unknown. . .Nature, wildlife, wonder. . .and not falling off cliffs.

12193755_10154191605626111_5661145167216086172_n 12193538_10154191605841111_6581125443906145689_n 12191571_10154191606331111_5435945788375556398_n

Day 3: Like I said, this trip was short. But it was relaxing and fun. And we found fall.


Day 4: We watched the Country Music Awards. I’m not really sure why, since neither my husband nor I really enjoy country music. Except Reba. We love Reba. And may I just say that she is rocking 60 years old. Rocking it.

Also, when Chris Stapleton walked up on stage, my daughter said in her best country accent, “Now that’s country.” Yes. Now excuse me while I download his album. . .

Now, my husband doesn’t really post of Facebook. Ever. I think he posted 5 times during the CMAs. All insults on country music. He was cracking himself up because he thought he was being so clever. I was afraid he’d lose friends over it. We have some die-hard country fans in our lives.

So I’m thankful to have a husband who makes me laugh. I can’t imagine our lives if we took ourselves too seriously.


So what are you thankful for? What small things can you focus on to turn your attention from the unpleasant or downright terrible things in your life? I encourage you to look for the bright spots in your life this November.


P.S. He hates me for posting that picture of him. 😉

  1. Hi Sarah! Have you read Ann Voskamp’s One Thousand Gifts?? She writes down everything she is thankful for and it changes her life. Sounds exactly like what you are doing and her writing is beautiful. Thought you would enjoy! Also, thank you for spreading the gratitude around! It’s a warm light on these gloomy days!

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