Trust {A31days Post}

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Trust is delicate. It’s fragile. When it’s broken, it’s hard to get it back to the way it was before. I’ve had a lot of people in my life who’ve broken my trust. A few who haven’t. I’ve broken it for others.

And sometimes it feels like even God loses my trust. He does things in ways I don’t understand or even agree with. He has His own timeline and plans. I build my expectations based on what I want to happen and when it goes a different way, I think He’s let me down. Later, after everything has been worked out or new opportunities have come my way, once I can see the other side of the story, I see that He hasn’t done anything wrong. He’s always had what’s best for me firmly in mind.

I can trust Him. With my life, with the lives of my family. I can trust Him with my pain and my brokenness and also with my dreams and desires.

Moments when I seem to lose my trust and faith? Eventually, I can look back on all those times and see God’s grace all over. I’m learning to look for it now while I trust Him more.


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