A Bye Week {A 31days Post}

We had plans to go to the Texas State Fair this weekend. A while ago, we saw a Food Network special about the food at the TSF and, well, we’re suckers for anything fried. Anything: Twinkies, Oreos, potatoes, coke (seriously.). Fry it and we will eat it.

I knew this was a bye week for my oldest son’s soccer team, but somewhere along the line, I think my brain decided we were just skipping it this week. Anyway, my husband had the busiest week in a long time at work. Leaving by five in the morning and returning at 11 pm just to do it again the next day. On top of that, I have been sick all week and barely functioning. I somehow managed to put off going to the grocery store. I don’t even know what we’ve been eating all week, guys. It’s been pretty dicey around here.

Needless to say, we didn’t get the right tests or shots or whatever done for our dog Rosie so we couldn’t put her in the kennel. I didn’t want to ask any of our friends to watch her because they’ve got just as much nonsense going on in their lives as we do. Plus, I’m still a little sick. So we decided to stay home.

Fast forward to this morning when I remembered Ben’s soccer game and the panic that ensued when I realized I hadn’t written down the time and location. I’m digging through piles of papers, rifling through all my planners (yep. I have more than one.), scrolling through my calendar on my phone. Finally, I remember about the team’s Facebook page and post my question and within 2 minutes I have my answer. No game. Probably because the Texas/OU game is today. (I’m not even kidding. If I thought Nebraska was football crazy, I had no idea what I was in for in Oklahoma.)

When I read that response, “No game today,” I just felt a weight lift off my shoulders. You wouldn’t think an hour-long soccer game could become a burden, but this week has been long and gloomy and we just really need some uninterrupted time together. Some time to slow down and watch silly cartoons and put our house back together and relax.


It seems like no matter how hard we try to keep our lives simple and slow, things creep up on us until we feel a little suffocated. When we get an unexpected break from everything, a chance to just breathe in and breathe out without thinking of that one more thing we have to do, we savor it.

I hope you take the chance to slow down and enjoy your weekend! And since I’m a Nebraska girl at heart, “GO BIG RED!”


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