Quiet {A 31days Post}

I sat down to write yesterday with no idea, no stirrings. I started two posts, but neither of them were right. I was so frustrated by this because I’m doing this challenge and I needed to write and post yesterday. I’d already missed one day because I was out of town. I couldn’t miss a day when I was home. I had no excuse.

When I signed up to do this challenge I thought, “I’m going to post amazing things every day and I’m going to take great pictures to share on my posts every day! Yay!”

But the thing is, I don’t always have amazing things to say. And when I don’t have amazing, good things to say and I try to talk anyway? Well, then I end up saying not-so-amazing things. My words come out all jumbled and wrong.

I’m learning to not say so much, to stop filling the air with unnecessary noise, to stop and take a breath and wait. When I don’t have much to say, I take that as a sign that I need to listen to what’s already going on around me and inside me.


What was going on around  me yesterday was laughter. I bought my kids those little plastic beads that you use to create a design on a pegboard and then iron it and the beads fuse together. I found a huge container of those beads at IKEA. The kids went through hundreds of them yesterday. They are creating a tiny, plastic, square version of our family.

Yesterday I needed that time to be with my family after being away. To help and laugh and hug and read and iron (oh, my word, the ironing I did yesterday).

So I missed my post yesterday. I missed it because I didn’t have any words to say. I missed it because I was trying hard to stay in tune with my life. I missed it because, yesterday, the silence in my mind was needed to embrace and enjoy the beauty in my ordinary day.


This post is part of the Write 31 Days Challenge. To see the rest of the posts in this challenge, click here

  1. Beautiful perspective. I tend to force myself to “Push through” instead of embracing the “Be Still”. I also love words and tend to use them to fill empty space instead of letting the few have value. Thank you for this reminder.


  2. ooooohhh, how I get this … I’m so busy right now! I keep thinking … just one more day on “this” … and then I can rest. I need a day of silence!


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