Celebrate {Five Minute Friday}

This post is part of a community post. Every Friday, a one-word prompt is announced. You get to free-write for five minutes. No editing, no out-lining. Just writing the thoughts as they come. If you’d like to participate, you can find all the info you need here.

This morning I celebrate the dark morning sky speckled with light grey cottony clouds. I celebrate the strong, cool breeze whipping my hair around my face. I celebrate the sound of pages flipping madly back and forth and the sound of crickets in the grass.


Today, I’ll celebrate each time my middle born reads more than he “has” to. I’ll soak up every excited gasp over the bean seeds we planted last week that grow bigger and bigger every day. I’ll breathe in the words expressed in wonder over new books read, the disappointment over the last chapter, the exasperated sigh of frustration about math problems.

I’ll celebrate the smell of homemade pizza crust rising on the counter and the butternut squash roasting in the oven. I’ll revel in the family movie night, cuddled on the couch together, being present.

And when the kids are sleeping soundly in their beds, I’ll enjoy every moment alone with this wonderful man I get to call my husband. Every word spoken, every laugh let loose, every embrace.

I’ll celebrate these small, ordinary moments because they make up my big, ordinary life.


  1. Oh, there is so much beauty in ordinary!! Thank you for sharing the areas you have to celebrate so beautifully. This would be a good exercise to practice every day, I think!


  2. Sarah, yes! So much THIS: “I’ll celebrate these small, ordinary moments because they make up my big, ordinary.” I’m parked in the 6 spot this week.


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