To My Family


To My Family,

As I sit here writing, I can hear Grace in her bed making funny noises with her mouth, pretending to sleep. I’m sure the boys are sneaking flashlights and books in their beds, too. Wes, you’re somewhere far away from me right now, probably fast asleep, resting up for a new day, one day closer to coming home to us.

During the business of the days, I don’t take the time to really appreciate you guys. Heck, I don’t have time to appreciate you guys! Between the schooling, cooking, driving, reading, bathing, cleaning, peace-making, and consoling, I can’t seem to find a minute. But later, when you’re all tucked into your beds and the dog is curled up next to me, growling in her sleep, when all around me is still and silent, it all rushes over me.

I love you all so much, so deeply. I don’t think it’s possible to love four people as much as I love you.

I have so many dreams for us, both big and small, but mostly I dream of making our home a warm, inviting, loving place, wherever it may be at the moment. I dream of you three kids growing up and having sweet memories of your family, of the love you were surrounded with.

I dream of big family meals next to a roaring fire, filled with laughter and fun, the clinking of glasses and the sleepy feeling of fullness. I dream of warm hugs and shoulders to cry on and sweet kisses. Snow men and hot cocoa, sand castles and the crash of waves. I dream of sitting under the dancing Northern Lights and listening to the awe in your voices and seeing the wonder on your faces.

I dream of growing old, wrinkled hands that fit together like puzzle pieces and words that don’t need to be said because they are already understood. I dream of traveling the world with you by my side, wherever our whims may take us, soaking in each new place we wander through.

Good night, my loves. May your dreams be as sweet as mine.



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