Snow-Capped Mountains

When I started this 31 day writing challenge, I planned to write letters to the people I loved. Well, it turns out it’s really hard to write letters to people for 31 days in a row. I’ve let my letters morph into letters to people, dogs, technology, basically anything I’ve felt moved to write about. I’m okay with this. So for today. . .

To the Mountains that have Captured my Heart,

I was raised on the Great Plains. I didn’t even know about you. I knew you were there, but I didn’t really know. There is much to love about those plains. The gently rolling hills and the ears of corn that sway perfectly in the wind. The hypnotically straight rows of soybeans and corn zipping past on long road trips. The slam of a wall of humidity when you walk out the door and the way you can taste the moisture in the air. The sunsets that seem as if they could set the world on fire.

And then I met you and you stole my heart at first glance. You’re beauty feels almost impossible. Like the soft skin of a newborn, you stir up a this can’t be real feeling.


There’s a wildness here that is so intoxicating. The unknown, the danger, the beauty, the wonder. Things that make life exciting. You keep me guessing at every turn, each view more magnificent than the last. At times I think you go on and on forever. IMG_4476You demand bravery and courage. You’re not for the faint of heart. But for those that would dare risk the journey, the rewards are immeasurable, making me catch my breath and reminding me of the vastness of this world.


I can see God’s handiwork all over you. From the smooth sloping hills to the rough jagged cliffs. Icy streams and soft green forests. Each mountain is new and exciting, different from the last. You’ve worked your way into my soul and I don’t know how I will ever leave you.


Forever yours,


  1. Amen to all of this! Having grown up in Illinois, I could perfectly picture your description of the Midwest (right down to tasting the humidity), and now living in Colorado, I understand the majesty and awe the mountains create. More we have in common!


  2. I love the idea of writing letters as you feel you have something to say to someone or something. I will look forward to reading more. Glad I found you!


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