Break My Heart

Dear Precious Ones,

Recently I prayed this prayer,

Lord, Break my heart for what breaks yours.

It’s a common prayer, actually the lyrics to one of my favorite songs. What does it mean? It means I want to be sad about the same things God is sad about. I want to be messed up for the things in this world that are truly messed up. I want to be disturbed to the point of action.

As expected, He’s delivered. I’ve been brought to tears more times this week then in my whole adult life. Over strangers. People I’ve never met. You.

You are one of the 153 million orphans in the world with no one to love you, feed you, clothe you. Children who are left alone and abandoned because of fear and poverty. Children left behind by disease and death. Children waiting, waiting for a family.

You are one of the estimated 168 million child laborers forced to work to help your families survive. A product of corruption and greed. In some cases my greed. While my children eat until their bellies are full and spend hours playing and laughing with no fear of injury or death, you work endless hours beside your brothers and sisters and still go to bed hungry.

You are the millions of people bought and sold like cattle for as little as $72. The people kidnapped, the children sold by their very own parents. Forced into a life no one should have to experience.

You are the women and children repeatedly raped and murdered with no one to stand up for you, no one to bring those who hurt you to justice.

God has brought you to my heart in a serious way recently. You are real. I cannot turn my head from you. I cannot tuck my children into their warm beds, hearts full of love and security and not think of you, cry for you.

I want to help. I need to help. I am only one person, but I can join with others. I can’t stand by and watch, doing nothing while you suffer.

Nobody makes a greater mistake than he who does nothing

because he could do only a little. -Edmond Burke

I promise not to forget you. I promise to use my money in ways that support you, through the things I buy and the ways I give. I promise to speak up for you, to comfort you, to help you. I promise to pray for you. I promise to love you.

I will no longer mindlessly buy and buy and buy with no thought to who made these things or how much they are paid. I will no longer close my eyes to the troubles of this world, fearing it will make me uncomfortable. I will open my home to children. If I could adopt you all, I would.

I’m trying to be better.




  1. This is a topic close to my heart!! We sponsor and volunteer through Compassion International and try to be intentional with our purchases. When you start becoming aware of the oppressed around you, it can be overwhelming, but the poor are on God’s heart too and we are his hands and feet!


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