To the Strangers Who Pick Out My Clothes

Dear far away people I’ve never met,

I love you. I love what you do for me and the way you make me feel. I took a chance with you and you haven’t let me down. I told you my weight and my bra size and you didn’t judge. You used that information to make me feel pretty and good, stylish even.

Sure, I have to pay you to make me feel this way, but you do such a good job. I used to love to shop for myself. Then I moved to Alaska and there is nothing fun here. No cute boutiques. I mean there are, but it’s mostly sweatshirts and stuff that says Alaska. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good sweatshirt and if I could find a flannel that doesn’t shrink in the arms I’d marry it.

But you do all the work for me and I love you for it. Sometimes I don’t like everything you think I will, but I forgive you for it. Nobody’s perfect.

I tell all of my friends about you. Some of them like you and some of them don’t. But I won’t let them come between us. Thanks for being there for me, Stitch Fix.



Click here if you’d like to let someone else pick your clothes for you. 😉

2 thoughts on “To the Strangers Who Pick Out My Clothes

  1. This is the cutest post about Stitch Fix I’ve read so far! haha. Would’ve loved to see their picks for you! I am seriously considering using them but I hear it can be up to $200 a box? I am not sure that fits my budget… but I’m so glad you have cute clothes even way up there in AK!!


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