To My Friends

Dear Friends,

I don’t know how I’ll write this letter without emojis. Emojis are the language of my people. If I could use emojis now I would insert the little laughing-so-hard-I-have-tears-running-down-my-face one.

You guys are pretty cool (thumbs up). I don’t know how I would’ve done the last couple months without the movie nights and the wine/coffee dates and the chocolate bouquets and the talking. Ben said to me the other day, “I wish you had swim lessons when we do because then you wouldn’t have to just sit there and talk to your friends for so long.” Oh, Ben. Do you know I live for Tuesday afternoons? And Wednesday nights?

To quote a line from one of my most favorite movies ever (Pitch Perfect), “I’ve never been one of those girls who has a lot of friends who are girls.” Until my husband joined the military and we moved away from our families. Man, have I been missing out! It’s so cool when someone gets you. When you can just lay it all out there and hear, “Me, too” in response. Or, “I know what you mean.”

Those friends that have craziness in their own life and still make sure to reach out to you when they know your life is not quite normal. Friends who recognize the difference when you say “I’m fine” and mean it and when you don’t. Friends who go on hikes into unknown Alaska wilderness with you because they know how much you love it and how terrified you are of being eaten by a bear. And also because it’s fun to watch the kids plan an attack on a bear with a stick. (Insert smiley emoji here). Those are good friends.

Husbands are pretty cool. But sometimes they just don’t understand that if we don’t get a peanut butter cup right this very second we and everyone around us will die. (Angry face)

Or if we hear the word “MOMMY” or “MOM” or “MAMA” one. more. time, we will run down the street screaming like a lunatic. They just don’t get it, do they ladies? (Tears welling up /can’t handle it face)

They don’t understand that hunger and anger together is the worst combination on. this. earth. Children, women. Doesn’t matter. And the correct term for that is “HANGRY”.  (Yelling face)

And so we find women who understand our hurts and frustrations, our triumphs and our joys. Women we can laugh with and cry with. I think I found some great ones.

Thanks for being so awesome. I hope I can be as good a friend to you as you’ve been to me. (Two friends holding hands). <—But I probably won’t ever hold your hand because I don’t like touching people. But you already knew that. (Laughing face)





  1. This is awesome. Husbands don’t quite understand the moods we moms get in. It’s a whole different animal. I like to call it The Mommy Monster (I’m too hungry, tired, frustrated, did I say tired?, smelly, mommy and now I’m about to explode mommy- that’s The Mommy Monster). It is great to have friends that can relate. It keeps The Mommy Monster in its cage!


  2. This is hilarious … I miss emojis when blogging as well. 🙂 Finding “your people” is just the best thing ever. I grew up being someone who wasn’t friends with a lot of girls either, but now – I couldn’t live without them!


  3. Yes, and it is great to tell a story to a friend and hear her response of, “You need more girlfriend time.” and to know that my girlfriends really understand what is like being a wife and mommy. 🙂 Thank you for sharing this wonderful post.


  4. This is awesome – I so enjoyed reading this, I could go on and on forever. Love it! And you absolutely nailed it – friends and husbands are so different, husbands really just don’t get it sometimes! Yay to the peanut butter cup! Thanks for this! xxx


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