Poem of Praise


Today I tried my hand at poetry! Whoa. Talk about a different way of writing. I think the last time I wrote a poem was in elementary school. For my mom or something. I think it was one of those poetry units cleverly place near the end of school so we could make mother’s day books out of all our poems. I think my mom still has hers. She better!

Anyway, I got today’s idea from reneeemerson.com. It was hard to start, but once I just let the words flow it got easier. This is in no way, shape or form amazing poetry. But it was fun to try something new and I’ll be following her blog for more writing prompts and exercises now.

Poem of Praise

Praise Him for the piles of dirty clothes,

       the evidence of a relaxed life.

Praise Him for yelling, running, laughing kids,

       for paints strew about and messy bed head.

Praise Him for the first hissing drip of life-giving coffee.

      And the second. And the third.

For fresh mountain air, ink flowing from pen onto paper.

For scratchy yarn in my fingers, love woven

     with two needles.

Praise Him for the brush pulling through corn silk hair and

    soft, warm skin under my lips.

Praise Him for the thumping of the heater and flannel sheets

   wrapping us in tender Good-Night hugs.

  1. I do indeed have the poetry book:) I stole the idea when I taught 5th grade for my students! We had beautifully wrapped Mother’s Day gifts every year. Great job with your poetry today.


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