Hey You!

Hey, you! Yeah, you.

You totally rocked today. I mean the whole day. You got up on time, took a shower before the kids got up, made a well-rounded breakfast. The kids didn’t even have to eat stale cereal today. That should win you an award right there.

You got school done in plenty of time to make a knock-off Taco Bell lunch for the kids before gymnastics. Not exactly well-rounded, but the kids were excited. And the cheese was organic. So there’s that.

You did get a liiiittttllle cranky a couple times, but you were wearing the skinny jeans so it’s not really your fault.

You talked to stranger women at gymnastics. You don’t do that very often. High Five!

You dragged 3 kids to Jo-Ann Fabrics at the busiest time of day, found awesome fabric for curtains at, like, 60% off, asked for the teacher discount and scored some super long cardboard tube things for the kids to beat each other with  the dog to shred (meaning tomorrow probably won’t be a rockstar day).

AND THEN you came home and made spectacular curtains for your basement windows while at the same time teaching the kids how to be responsible and make their own dinner. And clean it up. Because you were making the curtains.

So good job today!

Tomorrow might be harder. The kids might be less well-behaved, the dog will probably have shred that tube you brought home.

You might be late for swim lessons. You have 3 hours of soccer so you might as well just hang up your hat right there.

But you’ll be fine. Some days are good, some days are not. Some days are harder then others. Some days you’ll want to cuddle with the kids all day. Others you’ll want to lay on your bed kicking and screaming like a two year old. Don’t pretend you’ve never done it.

Here’s the thing you have to remember. Even on your worst days, the days you’re just hanging on for dear life for bedtime, the days everyone eats bread for dinner, the days you just cannot imagine getting through, even on those days you are still loved and cherished. You are not a failure. You are not unworthy of these precious little monsters.

Kids are nuts.

Now, throw those kids in bed, pour yourself some wine and go watch a grown-up show.



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