Happy Birthday, Little Brother

Hey Matt,

Happy Birthday! Oh, man. You’re getting so old!

I found this beauty today. By the looks of it, this was taken on my 7th birthday? So you’d be five. That’s 24 years ago, bro.

Scan 3

I don’t think I could find a more 90’s picture if I tried. The couch, the hair. Awesome sweat suit.

No, but really. I know I poke a lot of fun at you. That’s what big sisters are for. And let’s be honest. You’ve taken your fair share of shots at me, too.

But I could always count on you. Remember that time when that mean girl made fun of my hair? I remember you telling me I’d look funny with straight, thin hair. I mean, basically, you were saying I have a big head. But it meant a lot at the time.

And remember when I helped you skip school all those times? Sorry, Mom and Dad.

Or the time I let you sleep on my floor after that scary movie you watched? How old were you then? Sixteen? Seventeen? You’ll never live that down.

We’ve buried treasure under a deck together, explored a tiny “forest” at the end of our street, kept each other’s secrets, held each other’s babies.

You’ve grown up to be a pretty awesome guy, Matt. You have a beautiful wife, a sweet, spunky little boy. I’m so proud of you for all you’ve accomplished.

So here’s to another almost thirty years! I know you’ll do great things.



  1. I love your writing too Sarah. I need to know more about skipping school though:) You shouldn’t have influenced your brother that way!:)


  2. Now THATS the Matt Ill always remember…and the house! Good times there! What an awesome family to grow up with 🙂 Happy Birthday Matt!!


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