To Be a Man

My precious little men,

You guys. Sometimes I just cannot even.

There’s something special between a mother and her boys that can’t be explained or re-created. I guess it’s the same between a father and his daughter. A special bond.

I would do anything for you. Give anything. Go anywhere. You are so very dear to me.

IMG_5610I don’t think I was prepared for the level of responsibility parenting would be. Nobody ever is, really. When you were born, the doctor handed me this tiny (well, Ben, you were 9 lbs.) human and basically sent us home. I felt confident in my ability to keep you alive. And that was it. I could bathe you, feed you, comfort you, clothe you, but the part that scared me (and it still does) is raising you to be caring, responsible men.

Men! Someday, I’m going to send you away to college. Someday, you’re going to have your own family, your own kids! I can’t even imagine you doing a load of laundry, let alone caring for a helpless child. Not because you can’t do those things, but because I’m your mother and I refuse to acknowledge you growing up.



So here’s my idea of what it means to be a man. If you’ll notice, I’m basically describing your dad:

-a man is responsible and dependable.

-a man looks out for other people and is always willing to help those in need of it.

-a man takes care of his family, physically and emotionally.

-a man makes his wife feel safe and loved and treasured.

-a man plays with his kids, shows up for his kids and stands up for his kids.

-a man shows respect for others, even when he doesn’t agree with them.

Growing up is hard. Sometimes it’s no fun. I don’t know what God has in store for your futures. I’m sure it’s more than any of us can even imagine. You may get married, you may not. You may have kids, you may not.


Maybe you’ll be a missionary to a far off country. Or maybe you’ll be a business man in a crowded city. A military man? A teacher?

Wherever life takes you, know that you are loved more than you can dream.

I love you

mommy signiture

  1. You are such a talented writer Sarah! I really enjoy your blogs and swill look forward to each one in these next 30 days! Pressure!! Ha!! God bless you & your fab fam!


  2. This is beautiful! It makes me smile that your definition of what a man should be comes from your husband. Makes it so much easier to teach them than if you had nothing to point to. ❤


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