Dear Dad, I Bought a Milk Frother Today

I’m not gonna lie, I’m kind of terrified of doing this 31 day writing challenge. I decided to write letters to the people I love since that’s how I best communicate: Writing. I love to plan, but I can’t plan my feelings. So I have to take this day by day and see what I want to write and who I want to write to each day. My sweet daughter came into my room and scared the heck out of me  snuggled up to me at not quite four in the morning and I’ve been wide awake ever since. Brainstorming and fretting. I couldn’t decide until I finally got up and made my coffee. Here’s what came to mind. . .

My dearest Dad, You’re the man I look up to. The first man I ever loved. You taught me about life and love. Through both words and deeds, you taught me about Jesus and his immense love for me and I shudder to think of where my life would be now if it weren’t for your diligent leading throughout my childhood.

I was at the grocery store last night- one of the extremely rare occasions when the kids weren’t with me- and I got to thinking about finding a new creamer for my coffee. You know, because the one I was using was one of those delightful “Dairy Free, this bottle is filled with chemicals” creamers. Don’t get me wrong, it was delicious. But you know how weird I get about food and chemicals. So naturally, when I thought of the chemicals, I thought of how you’d probably have something witty to say about me wanting to not consume them. That gave me a chuckle. Remember our exchange over your lactose free-ness and my gluten free-ness? =)

Anyway, in my search (I was in the organic section of course) I alighted on organic half and half. It’s no Cold Stone Sweet Cream, but it’ll do. But how could I make it better? The first step was to find organic sugar. I mean, if my creamer is organic and my coffee is organic, I can’t taint it with regular sugar, right?! Then I thought of you and BAM I need a milk frother. What else could give me that delicious, creamy coffee shop coffee then a milk frother? And who introduced me to this wonderful contraption? My awesome Dad.

So now I sit here drinking my delicious, organic, frothed coffee. All because of you. So every day at 5:45 am and 3 pm Alaska time, while I’m whipping up some coffee, you can be sure I’ll be thinking of you.

Thank you, Dad. For all the big and small things you’ve done for me. I know I haven’t always been the model daughter, but you’ve always been there with some words of comfort, wisdom, forgiveness and love.

Now go froth some milk and make some coffee! If I’m doing my math right I think it should be just about the time of day when you use your red mug.

Love Always,   Signature

  1. Sarah,

    What a wonderful letter! While I’m happy to take at least partial credit for the absolutely awesome young lady you are, but the credit really goes to God and to you for your willingness to go where He takes you in life. I loved you from day you were born a rather chubby (fat, really), wrinkled little girl, and I love and respect you even more as the beautiful (inside and out) women you’ve grown into.

    You’re right about the timing; I was just about to make me a cup of coffee and I think I’ll get the frother out, add some organic lactose-free milk to it and enjoy thinking about the richness you bring to my life as I pour it into my organic coffee-filled red mug.

    Good luck with your creative writing adventure–you have a gift for it, you know!

    Love You!!


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