Reflection Lake Palmer Hayflats, Alaska

Everything starts somewhere. We all have dreams and goals inside us, but starting out to fulfill them is the hardest part. Once we get going it’s harder to stop.

An object in motion stays in motion

is one of the first things we learn in high school physics.

But starting. Beginning. Commencing. That’s what it all comes down to. If you never start, you never finish.

What Keeps Someone From Starting?

Simple things:





Some of these things are valid things. Some are merely things the world has taught us. You know what, though? Sometimes you just have to push all that nonsense aside and do it anyway.

Will you always get it right? No.

Will people always like what you’re doing? Not a chance.

Will it be inconvenient? Maybe sometimes.

But here’s the truth:

 If you ever want to finish something, you have to start first.

In my thirty years on this earth the one thing I’ve learned is life will pass you by if you don’t grab hold of it and make it yours.

So reach out and grab hold of it, darlings. I’m so excited to see where it takes us.

Little Matanuska River Palmer, Alaska
Little Matanuska River
Palmer, Alaska

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