I Really Suck at This

So my plan to blog our whole Hawaii trip fell through. Mostly because I’m lame. I have awesome pictures! We had lots of fun! But it seems like committing to write it down long after we returned isn’t gonna happen. Never fear! We have plans for another tropical getaway in six months. Second chance? Meh, we’ll see.

We’re six weeks into our second year of home schooling. Wes is 5 weeks into another long TDY. Figures, right? We’re all doing great, though. If not a little bored. Ben started fourth grade, Sam started third grade and Grace started first. It’s hard to believe they’re that old.


It’s hard to believe I’m that old. =)

We took an AWESOME trip to Nebraska this summer. Much needed. We’ve missed everyone so much and had a new nephew to meet so I’m so glad we were able to go! The kids and I spent a lovely three weeks there and Wes hung out for two. Then he somehow managed to have a “man-cation” here in Alaska for a week before we returned. I thought he was coming home to work. Hmph.

My parents hosted a fundraiser for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation that was lots of fun and really successful!

I also had the chance to experience the utter joy of taking our family pictures! You need to read that with sarcasm to get the full effect. No, I’m not gonna lie, it was really, really stressful, but the pictures turned out better then I thought, even if they aren’t what I was really trying for. Here’s some of them, maybe I’ll post the rest in a separate post. Maybe.







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