Our Much Needed Vacation: Hawaii Day One

This winter was hard. Really hard. The sun came out maybe 3 times all winter. I remember being shocked and actually taking a picture of it when it did peek out from behind the gloom. It didn’t snow as much as last year, at least it didn’t seem like it. We didn’t get a bunch dumped on us every other week. It was just. . . gloomy and dark and soul-sucking.

The fact that this was our first year of home schooling probably added to the heaviness, too. Or maybe the dreariness added heaviness to the home schooling. I don’t know. Either way, we needed to get out of here.

Our trip was scheduled for April 16 to April 24. So naturally, the first half of the month dragged on and on and on.

And then our flight wasn’t until 2:40. So the day we left dragged on and on and on.

We took off with no problems at all. The lovely Bailey family happily took Rosie for a week for us. She loves them all so she was happy to spend a week there.

Our flight was direct. Six hours straight to Honolulu International Airport on Oahu. Our flight went smoothly. No one cried, no one got sick.





We landed at HNL at 6:15 Hawaii time. I’m not gonna lie. I may have shed a tear when we stepped off that plane into the humid Hawaii air. I was instantly happier then when we got onto the plane in Alaska. And the sun! The glorious sunshine. And it wasn’t “trick” sunlight, either. It was sunlight you could feel and breathe and taste.


Wes’s mom Colleen and her husband Dickee met us at the hotel, gave the kids leis and came up to our room before heading off to bed. They’d been up for a really long time.

We headed out to dinner at a place called Goofy’s. It was amazing and delicious.

We had a lot of requests to go back there during the rest of our vacation. The kids had sweet bread french toast with local pineapple, papaya and bananas on top.

Wes had Eggs Benedict with Kahlua pork.

I had an acai bowl with the same fruits as the kiddos.

It was delicious. After dinner we headed back to the hotel and called it a night. Traveling takes a lot out of you!

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