Simple Sundays

Our biggest struggle as a family is electronics. We all have trouble with it. Even Grace asks me to watch “My Little Pony” way more then I like. Ben and Sam would play on their DS’s or the Wii U all day long if no one interrupted them and Wes and I are pretty guilty of staring at our phones instead of talking to each other, sometimes even WHILE we’re talking to each other.

So on Sunday, after our overnight guests left, we went to church, came home and tried something CRAZY. We didn’t turn a screen on ALL DAY. Well, that’s not entirely true. We did watch a YouTube video of some guilty dogs, because every now and then you need to laugh at some pitiful, pathetic, sweet little puppy faces. But we watched it and laughed at it together. And then we turned it off and went back to other things.

At one point I walked into the living room and found Sam and Grace playing Sorry! behind the couch.

We played cards.

We read books.

We did some science experiments together.

Sam and Grace like to mix different amounts of salt and pepper into a cup of water and see if it tastes good yet. The answer will always be “no”, guys. Always.


It’s a shock sometimes when Sam starts speaking his mind. Or when the kids are saying things that real people say and not just “Remember when I beat that boss” or “Only one more level and I’ll beat the game.”

So, I think we’ll be doing more of this in the future. It’ll get easier when real Spring and Summer come. I like my unplugged children way more then my plugged-in children. And I like the unplugged version of myself better, too.

Of course there was coffee!

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