Day 1: We are Really Doing This

First day of Homeschool! 2nd grade, 3rd grade and kindergarten!

Annnnd we’re off! After a lot of begging, pleading, badgering and just general picking, we started school today. The kids were the ones begging, pleading, badgering and picking. At me. I was all set to start this coming Monday. The 19th. Because it’s a Monday. And the pre-made lesson plans fit so perfectly into a five day week. And I ALREADY HAD IT IN MY CALENDAR! But, they talked me into it. Ok, maybe I was a little excited to start, too. Maybe.

I got up at 5:30 to have my own quiet time, take a shower and drink copious amounts of coffee (and still, I’m falling asleep typing this). Then I twiddled my thumbs waiting and waiting and waiting for the kids to wake up. Finally, I started slamming my coffee mug on the table, humming loudly and stomping around the living room to wake them up. They all, every single one of them, came downstairs fully dressed and ready to go. It is hilarious how excited they are to have me be their teacher. Sammy has a pile of pajamas he calls his “school pajamas”. Ben is excited for Wes to be their substitute at some point (that WILL happen). Grace has what I like to call a school voice. It’s a quiet, sweet, respectful voice that I’ve never heard in her life. Adorable.

We started off with some Bible stories and then moved on to breakfast. Now here I am thinking Let’s just throw some cereal on the table and move on. These kids want eggs and bacon and toast. So I agree that yes, if fact, eggs do sound delicious right now and Sammy says, “Nah, I’d rather have cereal.” For. the. Love.

Saying the Pledge. Sammy reminded me about this and hung that flag on the wall.

Anyway, now is the part where I was super nervous. I wasn’t sure how to do different lessons with different kids. And I still don’t. It wasn’t as awful as I thought it might be. We still need to tweak a few things, but we got it done. As soon as Sam finished his math lesson he declared that reading is boring and he was going to build a pillow fort. So he did. And then he read inside that fort. Take that, kid! We did reading. We did math. We did history.


And throughout all of this was the evil sound of the pencil sharpener. GOOD. GOD. ALMIGHTY. How sharp does your pencil have to be? Seriously. If I had known how amazing electric pencil sharpeners could be, I would’ve bought them for birthdays and Christmas.


So! One day down! We finished in two hours and now we are off to get some froyo to celebrate. And then maybe a nap.

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