Deployment- Week 4

Just a little blurb to let everyone know how we’re doing. . .

We’re starting week four over here. Honestly, the time has slipped by pretty quickly. That could be due to the fact that we had family here for week one, and then the start of soccer which has completely taken over our lives. Seriously, praising God for Wes’s decision to buy a Prius. I’m driving to base and back about 5 times a week, which is ridiculous.

Last week was birthday week. Grace turned five and Sam turned seven! We all wish Wes could’ve been here for that, but the kids did get a little spoiled since he couldn’t. I made the ugliest cake on record for Grace, but she loved it and said it was beautiful. Her real feelings slipped through when I made a pretty decent cake for Sam and she said, “Now that’s REALLY good.” Hahaha! Sorry, baby cakes. Cake is not my craft. Not at all. But, I’m proud to say that no swearing occurred during the making of said cake and that is a huge accomplishment. Did I mention I hate making cake?

So, Wes, there will be no cake upon your return. No pie either. Maybe cupcakes or cookies or brownies. None of those reduce me to sailor talk.

Anyway, we are just fine over here. We finally received our curriculum and I’ve already got week one planned out! Now I need to do an individual learning plan for each kiddo and figure out the extras (dance, sports, music lessons, foreign language) and we will be ready to go! School is starting for us on August 18th. So if you happen to think about us on that day, say a little prayer for me!

I figure as long as we stay busy the rest of this deployment should go by quickly. Here’s hoping!

Forced birthday pictures. Muahahahaha!

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