New Year, New Goals

Well, one month into 2013, I have already failed with one of my goals. Go figure, right?
I just completed this program called “30 Day Push” by Chalene Johnson. It’s all about setting priorities and goals for yourself and following through with them. Imagine that! Now, the goals can be anything you want them to be: professional, financial, health related, spiritual. They just have to be measurable goals. In other words, you have to be able to prove that you reached them. It’s a great program and it’s FREE so I would highly recommend it. =)
Anyhoo, one of my goals was to blog at least once a month. January 31st came and went with no proof that I had met my goal for month one. Ha! Maybe I was a little distracted with my other, possibly more important goals. Who knows. But here it is. Blog #1 for 2013.

Here are my goals for the year. Things I want to complete by January 1, 2014. Get ready to have your mind blown, people.

1. Finish getting everything on the walls and what not in the Living room and entry way before Wes gets back from Arctic Survival school (which is in 2 weeks!)
2. Teach Grace her alphabet and numbers by the time school is out for the summer (we’re getting there. a stubborn 4 year old doesn’t make this one easy.)
3. Get Sammy to level K in his reading program by summer (he’s at level I now.)
4. Run a half marathon!
5. Run the Twilight 12k in May!
6. Get the house completely organized (HAHAHA!) and ready for guests by May.
7. Be able to score a 100 on an Air Force PT test
8. Update blog at least once a month. . . hmmmm
9. Memorize 2 scriptures a month
10. Tighten what remains of my post baby skin on my belly. It’s almost there, just need to keep pushing!

Ok, now that I have that first awkward blog out of the way we can get on with the fun stuff!

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