Six Months in Pictures

. . . because I failed at blogging for the last 6 months.

Inside a tree at Thunderbird Falls
Taken at Thunderbird Falls
Get too close to the edge and you will fall to your death.
Grace turned 4 and cut her own hair on the same day! Thank goodness it’s grown back!
Sammy turned 6!!! Why do they grow up??

Grace flew a plane. . .

At the Air Show!
First time I realized they actually have Thunderbirds painted on them! HAHA

We enjoyed the Alaska State Fair
That’s a big cabbage!!!
Ben started 2nd grade!
Sammy started 1st grade!
The view from their playground

The boys joined boy scouts

Sammy after his Bobcat ceremony

Ben during his ceremony

The kids had their first sleepover

with their friends Tegan and Reese
I finished P90x and Insanity and lost 20 pounds! Still going strong, too!

Colleen and Dickee were our first visitors. This is the only picture I have with both of them and the kids. FAIL.

My mom and dad visited for Thanksgiving!

On Mount Baldy!

We added sweet little Rosie to our family! We love her.

We got some snow!!!

Some were more excited then others. . .

Squadron kids’ Christmas party!
I’m ready for the adult Christmas party. No picture with Wes because he was in charge. He did a great job!

What a happy mess!

Vinkle kept an eye on the kids. . .and raided the pantry.

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