Alyeska Blueberry Festival

What a beautiful streak of days we just had! Today is kinda dreary, but that’s okay. Last weekend we took a drive down to Girdwood, AK to visit the Alyeska Blueberry Festival at the Alyeska Resort. Wes and I will definitely be spending a weekend there before we leave. It is a beautiful resort!

That picture was taken halfway up one of the smaller mountains during our search for blueberries. We had to actually go into the woods to find wild berries. I wasn’t ready for that. I thought it was a farm. Ha! We managed to find a “hat full” of berries. I didn’t plan ahead so we didn’t have anything to collect the berries in besides Wes’ hat. He ate them all.

We went with our friends the Baileys. Grace and Tegan are “sisters” to each other!

We found some really cool flowers that reminded us all of the truffula trees from The Lorax!

We ALMOST adopted a dog. It was the most adorable little puppy I have ever seen! But, they weren’t willing to say 100% that there wasn’t any pit bull in her and we aren’t allowed to have pit bulls in our house, so. . . There was totally not even an ounce of pit bull in that dog. She was lab/mastiff for sure. I was so sad!

But we got over it and had some lunch and laughed while we people-watched and the kids camouflaged themselves.

All in all it was a great day. Beautiful weather, great friends and a good festival. Next year I’ll bring a bag for the blueberries. And maybe not wear sparkly shoes. . .

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