Playing Catch Up

After a week of beautiful, 70 degree days, we woke up to cold rain this morning. I suppose it couldn’t go on forever. Wes had plans to get up early (and by early I mean before dawn, and that’s hard to do in a place where the sun shines almost constantly in summer) but those fell through. So then we planned on taking the kids fishing, but then the weather decided to be dumb. So now we are having a play-in-your-pajamas-all-day-long kind of day.

Sometimes I still can’t believe we are living in Alaska. It’s almost too perfect here. I know I’ve got another thing coming in a couple months when the darkness comes and then the snow, but I’m soaking up as much of this beauty as I can. For all my Midwest family and friends, picture spring for three months. Cool, crisp air. Deep green grass. The pungent smell of lilac bushes permeating the air. Now take that lovely picture right there and surround it by mountains. Snow covered mountains, tree covered mountains, rocky mountains. Now sprinkle in a river here and there, maybe a few moose. It’s literally the most beautiful place I’ve ever been.

I took the down time today to organize some of our pictures from our trip. I can’t believe we were given the opportunity to travel through two countries on our way to our new home. What a wonderful gift. Yes, there were times when we thought back on our decision to have three children, but there were more times when we couldn’t think of a more perfect summer vacation, a more perfect family. I’m so very excited that we get the chance to make these memories with our children.

Wes and I have already seen the benefits of our military life on our marriage. We depend on each other more, we appreciate each other more. And in day to day life we’ve become more adept at meeting new people, reaching out to others because now we know how it feels to be displaced. I look forward to watching my children grow through all of this. They appreciate their daddy’s presence more, that is for sure, but they also have grown to appreciate each other, the closest friends they have.

So, on to making Alaska an experience to remember. . . and come see us! We love visitors!!!

Beluga Point, July 1, 2012

  1. You make Alaska sound almost like Heaven:) That's how we felt when we visited Bavaria in Germany! Just one question, is there a cliff behind those beautiful children sitting on that rock? Yikes! Again, love your writing style — you need to write a book and add your beautiful photos too. I'm so happy and thankful for you and your sweet family.


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