Leaving the Country

We woke up this morning and decided to hop on the ferry to Seattle. It was actually a lot easier then we thought it would be. The kids were in awe of driving our car onto a boat and leaving it there, then getting back in and driving it off on the other side of the water. They had fun on the ferry and nobody got sick, which is always a plus.

Grace doesn’t want to be touched.

Highlights include some guy doing awesome yo-yo tricks and seeing the nose of a seal! Wes took the boys on a quick jaunt around the top of the boat while I sat inside with Wes.

A cloudy view of Seattle from the ferry

When we disembarked we headed to Pike’s Place Market. First stop? The original Starbucks, baby. To honor the occasion I ordered the first drink I ever ordered from them: The White Chocolate Mocha. This place was busy. There was a street performer out front and a line down the street.

Next stop, of course was the fish market. We got to watch them toss the fish around and yell at each other, the kids came face to face with some dead salmon and had a sudden urge to have seafood for lunch. Sickos.

Conclusion- I love Seattle and would go back in a heart beat. But only if I could not take my children. And another thing, it’s kinda difficult to take quality pictures when you are weighed down with a giant purse, a giant camera bag and a mostly full coffee while trying to keep track of three children who walk like snails.
We headed for the border after lunch at The Crab Pot where the kids downed some King Crab legs. Finally, they ate something!!! I was nervous about the border crossing. For some reason I had images of being searched and locked up for some unknown offense. Maybe too much tv? We crossed with ease, only to find out after crossing that we can’t use 3G! Ugh! AT&T kindly sent us a text saying there would be a $15.36 fee for every MB we used!
And don’t call or text me for the next week. It’s also more expensive. Sorry, folks.
Also after crossing the border Wes started ending every sentence with “Ay?” which, in turn, led to Sam ending every sentence with “Ay?”. For example, “Oh, I see a big truck, ay?” Or, “Oh, we’re at a red light, ay?” And that lead to Sam and Grace fighting over who gets to say “ay”. Good golly.
So far our impression of Canada is that it is a lot like America. Same foods, same language, same stores. But the money is different. Their coins are called “Loonies” and “Toonies” and that. is. awesome.

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