Cha cha cha Changes

Welcome to 2012! It’s been awhile since my last post so I’ll try to catch you up.

We all survived the move to Nebraska, me just barely. I think my poor kids felt motherless for the four days I spent cleaning that house, but darn it! I passed that inspection with flying colors!!! The kiddos were model citizens for that time and the three day drive up here. No puking, peeing, spitting, biting, fighting. . . Thanks to my awesome friend Jaime for lending me her DVD player. I’m sure they would’ve been okay without one, but in my frenzied state I just don’t know how I would’ve been.

We drove through southern LA and I got to drive over a swamp! I risked all our lives to call Wes and tell him when we were driving over it. Maybe it was a little crazy, but I got a sudden urge to go out and buy a “Swamp Life” decal for my car! =) It was beautiful. I enjoyed seeing how different parts of the country are. We started out on the Gulf coast of Florida, drove through ho-hum Alabama and Mississippi, stopped in Baton Rouge, LA for the first night then drove through some swamps, got into the northeast corner of Texas and, as usual, there was no love lost between myself and that state. Then up the Indian National Turnpike in Oklahoma. By far the most boring drive of my life. . .until the next day when we hit Kansas. Anyway, we stopped for the night at Tinker AFB with Wes! It looks like a great area and I’m looking forward to probably being stationed there in 3 years. The last day we left Wes behind and made the agonizing trip through Kansas and finally got to Bellevue. It seemed like on this day, the day we just really wanted to be there, everyone was trying to make me mad! I even took a picture of some guy’s car and dubbed him the most obnoxious driver in the world!

We arrived three days later just in time for Christmas. The cousins all meshed back together like they were never apart. The best part for me though is spending time with my niece and nephew again. It’s amazing when you feel that love from your own kids, but it’s really cool to feel it from kids who don’t have to love you! They are taller then I remember. And maybe louder. But I still love ’em.

Christmas was crazy, loud, busy, amazing and just about perfect. The whole O’Hanlon clan was somehow tricked into spending the night at my parents’ house. We had 7 adults (8 if you count my brother as an adult!), 5 kids and 5 DOGS! All in one house! Like I said. . . crazy.

Now we are just trying to get back to our routine. The kids are all set to go back to school on Thursday. Wes is back in Oklahoma and started his training class today. Grace and I are trying to figure out fun things to do while the boys are in school. And I’ve started counting down the months till Alaska.

Wes took our laptop with him so I’m still trying to figure out what to do about pictures. I’m trying to talk him into a Mac book, but that doesn’t seem to be working out. My birthday is in a couple weeks though. . .

See ya next time!

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