Counting Down the Days

27 days! That’s how long we have left in Florida!!! I didn’t think I’d ever be this excited to live with my parents for a bit again, but I am. No offense guys, but a 27 year old married mother of three likes her space. I may not be looking forward to sharing the TV with my dad, or my mom making me clean up after myself (Lame!!!), but I AM looking forward to not ever ever ever smelling the stinky paper mill again!!! Or at least not for a long while. Nothing ruins a beautiful Florida day like a smell that makes your eyes water and your throat burn. Am I right?

Wes finally got orders on Friday so this week he’s dedicated to out processing which is proving to be just about as fun as getting orders. Poor Wes. He’s determined to get out of here this week so as not to push his training in Oklahoma back any further. Sadly, it seems like no one else is anxious to help him out. C’mon peeps! We want to get to Alaska sometime next year!!!

I have started the exciting task of cleaning the house for our final inspection. Aren’t you jealous? Just today I washed the walls and was surprised to discover they are WHITE! They aren’t dingy grey after all! I also forbid the children to touch the walls. I may have told them that if they feel like they are losing their balance to fall rather than catch themselves on the wall. What? Don’t judge me.

So, that’s all I got. I promise next time I’ll have some photos to peruse, but right now the kids are watching  movie, Wes is at work and I’m going to sit in my room and watch mindless television for a minute.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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