We Keep on Waiting

Oh, that’s right! I have a blog! Maybe I should update it!!

So we’ve had Halloween. The kids got loads of candy, but only the gross kind. Between the three of them we only scored 4 Reese cups. That’s pretty lame if you ask me. So I was forced to go out the next day and buy some that were shaped like Christmas trees.Yep. All the pumpkins were gone the day after Halloween. It was totally worth it though. Yum Yum. The kids had fun. They were Optimus Prime,  Bumble Bee and Princess Aurora.

We also got to spend the evening with the amazing Baileys! It was our last time with them before they took off on their trip across the states to Alaska (which I’ve been following jealously for the last two weeks!). Pizza and trick-or-treating was the perfect time!

And now, we wait. It’s the most frustrating part of Air Force life. The waiting. Right now we are waiting for orders to Alaska with a TDY en route for Wes at Tinker AFB in Oklahoma. Without said orders we cannot out process, schedule the movers or schedule final inspections for the house. And without having movers and final inspections scheduled I feel like I cannot start my cleaning and organizing and planning our trip to Nebraska in December. So we just sit and stare other all day long because Wes doesn’t have anything to do at work until he has. . .you guessed it! ORDERS!!!

But our waiting for the car to be done at the shop is over so I’ve been told to get off the computer so we can go get it. See ya!

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