Future Champs and the Homecoming Queen

I played soccer in elementary school and middle school. Now, Wes will poke fun at me forever for saying this, but I was a pretty fantastic goalie in my day. I quit playing because my parents wouldn’t let me get contacts yet and I couldn’t see without glasses. Do you know they wanted me to wear athletic goggles?! Psh! As if! And so marked the end of my athletic aspirations. . .

The boys are now following in the family tradition and are on a 5 and 6 year old soccer team! Their talent is still pretty raw and they may be a little whole organized team thing.

This is how the Schultz boys do soccer. . .

Can you say “scholarship”?

Meanwhile, elsewhere on the field, Miss Gracie has gathered around her a group of like-minded three year old girls. They couldn’t care less about the nail biting game in progress just feet away from them. They are embracing the fairy princesses within. . .and Grace is their queen.

Needless to say, the boys are loving soccer and I’m seriously considering getting Grace into dance.

I love these little twerps.

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